• Having fun with your accessories!

    Find the perfect accessories for any mood, whatever the season.

  • Layers of jewelry!

    Be fearless when it comes to layering jewelry.

  • Mix & Match

    Show off your jewelry in a variety of styles.

  • The Perfect Pair

    Among the most essential items for completing your bridal jewelry look are statement earrings.. For most brides, earrings and hair jewelry are the perfect finishing touches. Let us help you choose the best piece.

  • For Moments That Lasts

    Our bridal accessories are great for engagement photos, wedding photos, etc. We'd love to help you accessorize your next photo shoot. We bring you jewelry options and you may even find the perfect accessories for your special day.

  • It's All About You!

    It's your day! Don't be afraid to stand out. Our statement accessories will add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding. Request our wedding jewelry catalog for more details.

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The Heir Brand

Our Owner & Our Brand

We create custom one-of-a-kind pieces, fashion photography jewelry, and runway ready designs. 

In 2015, Jewelry Heir launched its everyday wear brand, which is Heir Jewels by Jewelry Heir. Fashionable, designer, and affordable jewelry pieces are available that can complement any outfit. We offer pieces that are ideal for every occasion, from work to play. We strive to provide you with a reliable and exciting shopping experience.

Meet Our Owner